Q: What is the Contract Acceptance Form and how is it used?

A. The CSU Contract Acceptance form was designed as a method of integrating contract documents when an outside party's own contract form is used instead of one of our own creation (standardized form contract or one customized to the transaction). Since vendor's forms do not have the provisions which we require in order to comply with Colorado law, the Contract Acceptance form serves as a master document to incorporate the vendor's contract, the CSU Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, and the Independent Contractor Provisions (all of which may be needed in some transactions) into a single contractual agreement. The form is usually attached by the Purchasing Department after you route the PO or other contract documents for processing.

What are the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions?

The Purchase Order Terms and Conditions come into play when you submit a purchase requisition into the Kuali System. They are used when there is no formal contract written for your purchase transaction.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Contracts Manager.