CSU Standard Contract Forms

The contract forms found below may be downloaded individually.  These forms have fill-in fields for completing the form in your MS Word program.  Please read the instructions below before using the form. Contact Contracting Services at contracts@colostate.edu if you have questions or have difficulty using or understanding the forms.

How to Use the Forms

When you click on the link to one of the forms, you will be asked whether you wish to open the form into your browser or save it to your local or network drive. It is advisable to choose the "save" option and change the name of the form to something you can remember (like the name of the contractor). Then you can proceed by filling out the blanks provided in the form.

Microsoft Word forms are protected from changes except in the blanks that appear as gray shaded areas on the form. This is to prevent the basic terms and conditions from being changed without approval by the Office of Contracting Services, as required by CSU policies and procedures. If you need to change any of the protected areas of the form, or if you have difficulty using the forms, please contact Contracting Services at 970-491-6166 for assistance or by e-mail to contracts@colostate.edu.

To navigate through the form, use your tab key to move from one gray shaded field to the next and enter text as required. In most fields, the amount of text that can be entered is unlimited, but lengthy descriptions should not be necessary. It may be helpful to press your 'insert' key before filling in fields so that they write over the default underlined text.

Form Title